StickandBall polo App Game

Stic and ball app game polo game for iPhone & iPad

Introducing Stick&Ball. The first and only polo app game in the world. The game of kings designed in an old-fashioned style with handmade drawings.

Stick and ball

are individual sessions of time in the saddle to build up essential hitting muscle memory and to develop your own personal style. Players hit the ball with a mallet. The basic shots are named for the side of the polo pony from which the mallet swing is made:
• The „near side” is the left side of the mount (horse).
• The „off side” is the right side of the mount (horse).
Off Side Forehand Swing the mallet forward or laterally on the pony’s off side. This shot is the most common because it produces the most powerful hit.
Off Side Backhand Swing the mallet in the opposite direction of travel (backward) on the pony’s off side.
Tapping Practise tapping the ball in a half shot as well as full shots and remember you do not always have to hit the skin off the ball. Sometimes a relaxed well placed shot is far more accurate and goes further than a massive swipe.

Finally the world can play Polo. The game of kings was designed in an old-fashioned style with beautiful handmade drawings bringing the world of polo in simple manner.

For that reason the app is perfect tool for everyone who always wanted to know polo, play polo but was overwhelmed by complexity of this sport. Fantastic platform to have fun and bring polo closer to everybody from 3 years old to 103 and more.

Inga Stawińska

owner / producer / drawings

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